Found My Old Game Made in 2007

When I was randomly browsing my old file dump the other day, I found this old game I made in 2007: The Carnivorous Bunny. One of my friends liked this game a lot, so I think I might as well re-upload this game and share it on my blog.

Not until my freshman year in college did I really start learning programming. I began reading the Flash MX 2004 official tutorial book by Macromedia and officially started my study of OOP and AS2. This game was made with AS2. Half a year later, I read Colin Moock’s Essential ActionScript 3.0, and that’s when I switched from AS2 to AS3.

Here’s the link to the game:
(Sorry, but I originally exported it into an EXE file, which means it’s Windows only.)

The gameplay is quit easy, since the only key involved is the space bar. Hit the space bar when the carnivorous bunny encounters a naked guy and the “Engage!” message shows up, and then hit the space bar when the pointer enters the green zone on the slide bar. Eat as many people as possible. That’s it, enjoy 🙂

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