Game Math Series

Here is a list of tutorial posts that I wrote to share what I have learned about math and its application on game development.

Vector Math

“Cross Product” of 2D Vectors

Vector Reflection (Planned)

Linear Algebra

Alternate Views on Matrix Multiplication

How to Eyeball The Inverse of A Matrix

Block Matrices


Quaternion Basics

Quaternion Implementations

Interpolating Quaternions with Circular Blending

Procedural Animation

Precise Control over Numeric Springing

Numeric Springing Examples

More on Numeric Springing


Approximation with Polynomial Curves

Faster Sine & Cosine with Polynomial Curves

Faster Re-Normalization of Unit Vectors

“Projecting” a Curve onto Another

Curve Approximation via Curve “Projection”

Geometric Interpretation of Fourier Transform (Planned)

Geometric Interpretation of Spherical Harmonics (Planned)

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