Whispers of The Goddess

Download Whispers of The Goddess (for Windows 7 and later)

Whispers of The Goddess is a 2D puzzle action adventure, where you play as Florana, a bunny-plant hybrid creature, to help the Goddess restore her power.

The team spent the first semester working on the core game engine. We spent the last three and a half months on the art and gameplay content.
Development time: September, 2012 – April 2013.

Technical Highlights

  • Dynamic 2D Sprite Batching
  • 2D Camera Culling
  • 2D Deferred Rendering
  • Selective Blooming through Glow Maps
  • Screen-Space Distortion through Displacement Maps
  • Asynchronous Game Commands through Action Lists
  • Data-Driven Particle Effects & Sprite Animations
  • Automated Resource Loading & Management
  • Resource Hot-Swapping
  • Component-Based Game Engine
  • Xbox 360 Controller Support


Producer / Gameplay / Physics – Justin Cook
Technical Director / Graphics / Engine – Ming-Lun “Allen” Chou
Tools / Gameplay / Physics – Garrett Woodford
Game Designer – Davis Standley
Character / UI Artist – Samantha Toupin
Environment Artist – Connor Day
Music Composer – Seth Weedin





8 Responses to Whispers of The Goddess

  1. What do you mean by Asynchronous Game Commands through Action Lists?
    You put the commands and only execute the next when the previous animation is done? Would’nt it cause feedback delay?

    • Allen Chou says:

      “Asynchronous” here just means there are actions that can last multiple frames. I guess I should have named it something different, so it doesn’t get confused with asynchronous programming.

  2. junhel says:

    hello admin, after i installed the game “whispers-of-the-goddess” i opened it. it says “This application has failed to start because d3d11.dll was not found. Re-intalling it may fix this problem”, then i installed it several times but the result is still the same

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  4. Jean-Marc Giffin says:

    This is a really fun and polished puzzler! I’m quite enjoying it!

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