I Make Games

My Chinese name is Ming-Lun Chou (周明倫).
Usually I go by the name Allen Chou.
I am from Taiwan. My online alias is CJ Cat, or CJ for short.

Currently, I am studying game development at DigiPen Institute of Technology.
I have accepted an offer from Naughty Dog. I will start working May 19th, 2014.
You can find out my story of getting a job at Naughty Dog here.

Technical Skills
⋅ C/C++, ActionScript, Java, HLSL, GLSL, AGAL.
⋅ Game Physics, Graphics, Visuals, Procedural Animation.
⋅ 3D Math, Linear Algebra, Motion Dynamics.

Art Skills
I have some experience in character and UI design as well.
Here is my deviantART gallery.

Work Experience
⋅ Game Developer Intern, Uber Entertainment. 5/2013-8/2013
ActiveTuts+ Technical Writer, Envato. 2010-2011
⋅ ActionScript Programmer Intern, Medialand. 7/2009-8/2009

Having acquired a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University, I am currently studying Real-Time Interactive Simulation (a.k.a. Game Programming) at DigiPen Institute of Technology, expecting to graduate in Summer of 2014.