Sky Spire – My Third DigiJam Game

More Sky Spire information
Play Sky Spire online (requires Flash Player browser plugin)
Controls: LEFT and RIGHT keys to move. SPACE key to jump.

Sky Spire is a game my classmates and I made during a 48-hour game jam session held by DigiPen students. The theme was “psychedelic stick of magic”, generated by The Video Game Name Generator.

This time I didn’t work on the game contents; instead, I provided technical support for Rusher (my ActionScript 3.0 game engine), fixing bugs and tweaking functionality to suit our needs.

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4 Responses to Sky Spire – My Third DigiJam Game

  1. Jay says:

    Hi, very well done, have you noticed the immortality bug? At some point I was with a single carrot (life) and I don’t know why but the I became imortal, even if I could still hear a sound effect on evry hit, the remaining life was not being deduced. What could have caused it?

    • Allen Chou says:

      I am not aware of the bug, because I was only in charge of engine tech support, not the game logic. I think the people who wrote the game logic would probably not want to touch the extremely messy code again, ever. It’s a game jam, after all :p

  2. Randy Gaul says:

    Lols pretty dang cool. Reminds me of the tower from Super Ghouls and Ghosts 2:

    • CJ Cat (Allen Chou) says:

      Yeah. That’s actually one of the videos we used as visual reference 🙂

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