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Astrobunny is my freshman game project at DigiPen, developed with DigiPen ProjectFUN.
Development time: September – December, 2011.


President – Claude Comair
Executive Producer – Scott Brodie

Team Awesome Moon Bunny:
Programmer & Artist – Ming-Lun “Allen” Chou
Puzzle Designer & Music Composer – Leif Coleman
Level Designer – Samuel Haney

4 Responses to Astrobunny

  1. djmattyg007 says:

    This game was fantastic. I wish it was a bit longer. There’s a lot of room for expansion. Is there any way to run this in windowed mode?

    • Allen Chou says:

      Thanks! Glad you like the game 🙂
      Unfortunately, the game is made with a tool developed by DigiPen faculty, and it only allows us to specify full-screen mode when the game starts up. There might be a function that I can call to toggle full-screen mode, but I don’t have the documentation right now, so I don’t know.

    • You might be interested in the Rocket Bunnies game.

      • Allen Chou says:

        Ah. I know that game. My friend showed it to me in the middle of the development of Astrobunny. The extremely similar visual concept was an unfortunate coincidence, but I decided not to steer away from my original concept, since I was already half past the development cycle and the gameplay is different.

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