Photon Bunny

Download Photon Bunny (for Windows only)

Photon Bunny is my second game at DigiPen. It is a 2D puzzle platformer based on the properties of light.

It has won the Best Freshman Technology award from DigiPen Game Awards 2012.
Development time: December 2011 – April 2012.

Technical Details

Languages Used: C (main game + level editor), ActionScript 3.0 (graphics FX prototypes)
Technical Highlights:

  • The pixel render engine was built from scratch. We implemented all the drawing operations in software ourselves, including drawing lines, circles, and textured triangles.
  • 2D dynamic lighting. This is the algorithm.
  • The hexagon pattern in the level background is normal mapped. This is achieved in software as well.
  • We implemented object-oriented structures in C using the technique described in this post.


President – Claude Comair
Executive Producer – Scott Brodie

Team Overcharged:
Producer / Gameplay Programmer – Justin Cook
Technical Director / Engine Programmer / Artist – Ming-Lun “Allen” Chou
Game Designer / Physics Programmer – Nathan Park
Product Manager / Tools Programmer / Music Composer – Garrett Woodford

3 Responses to Photon Bunny

  1. Oliver says:

    The game is super cute but the main motif of the song is 1:1 from Bastion … I just listened to it side by side.

  2. Daniel says:

    That’s a pretty awesome game! Really good quality!

    I was just came across one of your post on PTT… and found your website. Looks like I should really think about DigiPen. I am also an EE, lol

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