Rusher 2 Tutorials

Rusher 2.1 – Basic

Introduction & Migrating from 2.0
Getting Started
Reference Management & Dependency Injection

Rusher 2.1 – Xbox 360 Intermediate

Using Xbox 360 Controllers

Rusher 2.0 – Basic

Getting Started

Rusher 2.0 – Intermediate

Composite Commands
State Machine

2 Responses to Rusher 2 Tutorials

  1. Jack says:

    Hey CJ,

    I’ve been looking at a range of different game frameworks today that could work well with Starling, and Rusher seems to be the only one that really works with this criteria (unless I am mistaken, do you know of any that work well with Starling?)

    I was wondering if perhaps you could upload an example project that shows how you would use your framework with Starling. The main questions I have relate to how you would manage your assets with your framework.

    I’ve been really interested in your work for a while now and I would love to put some of your tools to use 🙂 Thanks!

    • CJ Cat (Allen Chou) says:

      The way I designed the Starling extension is basically the same as the extension for Flash’s built-in rendering system. Actually, you can build a totally different Starling extension to suit your needs. The usage is the same as the camera-layer-based 2D rendering system. Just check out the Renderer2D tutorial and you’ll get a better idea.

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