Stardust Touch-Ups for Brilliant Scenic Demos

Wonderfl is a, as its name suggests, wonderful website that provides online ActionScript 3.0 compilation service, where you may post code, share code, and fork code. Recently, I’ve run into two fantastic scenery simulation demos by Yonatan, the Super Express Desert Sunset, and Sea and Clouds demos.

I’ve decided to use Stardust to apply some touch-up to these two demos, in order to see how much I can boost the visual effects with particle effects. And here they are.

Super Express Desert Sunset (Stardust ver.)

In this demo, I’ve used simple horizontal rectangles as particles, and used the blur filter to create a motion blur effect. The particles are perturbed by some random drift and are drawn to the left by a uniform gravity field. I really love this train window view of rain (or snow) running by during sunset 🙂

Sea and Clouds and Fireflies

Here the water wave reflection effect is pure brilliance. I just can’t help adding some firefly effects to make it even more fantasy-like. The original code draws the entire scene to generate the water reflection, which is quite convenient for me to add particle effects, since the particles are automatically drawn onto the water without extra coding effort.

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