Picking up My Life where I Left off

Finally, I’ve finished my one-year service in the marine last weekend, and my life has gone back to normal. No more going back to the base on Sundays, no more taking long train rides between home and base, and no more saying yes to jackass officers. This is all too sweet. :p

I spent quite a while in the largest electronic shopping mall in Taipei to upgrade my electronic arsenal. I’ve got my first smart phone, an HTC Desire S, which has a size that nicely fits into my hand, and my favorite feature of Android phones is the ability to sync with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.

I bought a new notebook to replace its 5-year old predecessor, which always overheated easily. My new notebook runs CPU-intensive applications quite nicely, and it doesn’t produce much heat. I finally can play Star Craft II smoothly with all the VFX options set to Ultimate 🙂

Changing to a new computer comes with a price: I have to re-install and re-download all the handy tools I need, so there went another entire day. Also, I got myself a Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse set; Logitech’s Unifying technology is pretty cool and convenient: it allows your computer to communicate with all Logitech’s wireless devices with a single USB signal receiver. Now I can lie back on my seat and use my wireless keyboard.

I will fly to Seattle on August 10th, and I’ll study at DigiPen for the Bachelor of Science in Game Design program. This is another milestone of my life: finally, I mean FINALLY, I can study things that I truly love – Game Design! This probably means I have to switch to C++ coding, and pay less attention to ActionScript. Hell, I think I’ll still do some ActionScript coding in my spare time, implementing stuff learned from DigiPen.

Before the semester starts, I’ll have to complete DigiPen’s Sketchbook Assignment for students taking the ART101 course. It looks quite heavy, so I’ll have to get on to it ASAP. And I took the free online Math refresher course, which requires approximately, according to DigiPen’s description, 15 hours per week.

That’s pretty much I have to say right now. It feels nice coming back to my normal life 🙂

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  2. Welcome back 🙂 I look forward to seeing your future projects.

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