Scott Pilgrim is AWESOME!

I’ve started reading Scott Pilgrim comics recently, and I had watched the movie about half a year ago, loved it :)?I also bought Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game on PSN. The gameplay is okay, and the soundtrack is excellent. Love the BGM for the openeing stage. I’d say I’ve instantly become a big Scott Pilgrim fan!

Currently I’m reading the third volume (there are six). In order to prepare for my upcoming three-day family trip. I’ve found a nice little tool called Mangle, which optimizes comic pictures for Amazon Kindle. I used it to pack the rest of the unread volumes into my Kindle DX Graphite, so that I have something to read during the ride.

Out of the love for the two main girls in the comic, Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau, I couldn’t resist drawing them in bunny forms. So here they are (click on thumbnails to full- view):

When I was in the marine, I had spent lots of time doodling with my pencil, mostly character drawings. And I got down to practicing different view perspectives of characters that I hadn’t tried before, kind of like a self-challenge. The result is that now I’m much?more willing to draw with foreshortening views. Sweet 🙂

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