Settled in Redmond

It’s been two weeks since I got here in Redmond, a little city next to Seattle, and more importantly, where the Microsoft HQ is located, and EVEN more important, where DigiPen is located. I found out that people here normally would refer to DigiPen as “The Nintendo School”, since the school president & founder, Claude Comair, is also the co-founder of Nintendo America.

My cousin works at Microsoft, and he lives only 5 minutes away from my place, so it’s quite convenient for use to meet. Actually, he’s helped me out on so much things that would have taken me probably over a month to finish. I’ve got all my furniture from IKEA, all the electronics I need from Costco, and all the groceries from Quality Food Center (QFC). Initially my place at Veloce Apartments was completely empty. I spent my first week assembling all my furniture with my girlfriend, and we spent the second week going to Seattle downtown (Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Experience Music Project / Sci-Fi Museum) and Woodland Park Zoo. Later on she had to fly to Michigan for her master study. Now I feel so alone 🙁

Anyways, here are some photos I’ve taken around my place. Click the thumbnails to view larger photos.

Today I’ve rode my bike to DigiPen, and it took only 15 minutes. So I think I’ll be biking to school, if it isn’t raining, that is. I’ve also talked to the Assistant Registrar and the Department Chair of Game Software Design and Production. I’ll be considering to switch from Bachelor of Science in Game Design (BSGD) to Real-Time Interactive Simulation (RTIS).

That’s pretty much about my place and DigiPen 🙂

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